VEX Robotics

6 February 2024

DT and Robotics

What a season it’s been! With a flurry of events over the past few weeks and travel from Canterbury and Coventry to the Cotswolds, our teams have been pitting themselves against the very finest competitive robotics teams the UK has to offer.

They have even competed against teams from China, Turkey and Italy – competitive robotics really does enjoy a global community. Competition days are long but packed with fun and tension as teams battle against each other to rise up the leaderboard and to advance their UK ranking ahead of the UK National finals.

We currently have two teams in the UK top 10 with NLCS_Probots ranking 3rd and NLCS_Robotrix ranking 10th.

This week we also got confirmation that ALL of our teams have ranked highly enough to be invited to participate in the UK National Finals which take place in Telford at the beginning of March. These spots are coveted and we’re proud of all of our teams for their resilience, determination and outstanding teamwork, which has undoubtedly contributed to their success so far.

Congratulations to our teams:

Senior Vex VRC team:

NLCS_Dreadnaught 2.0

Junior Vex IQ teams:




NLCS_Northen Lights

Andrew Duffey, Head of Art, Engineering, Design & Technology