Independent Research Project

The McCabe Project

As an alternative to the EPQ and named after former Headmistress, Bernice McCabe, students are given the academic freedom to pursue research in a topic that they are passionate about.  In the Autumn Term of Year 12 students will choose which route to take.  The McCabe Project, although not leading to a formal qualification will be assessed by subject specialists and prizes will be awarded for outstanding projects.  The project allows students the opportunity to demonstrate and draw upon their experience of carrying out independent research and presenting their findings either in a 3000-word report/dissertation or through the artefact and performance route which requires a much shorter written report.
Both The McCabe Project or the EPQ will enable students to demonstrate their experience of carrying out independent research.  All UK universities recognise independent study and research as valuable skills to develop.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Students can choose to take the Extended Project qualification (EPQ), which is an externally accredited qualification, equivalent to half an A Level, and is recognised by universities. There are three possible formats for an EPQ. Most students at NLCS opt for the 6000 word research essay, but some choose to prepare a dramatic performance or create artworks and robots.