Staff & Governors


Below is our staff list.

If you would like to contact the Headmistress, (Vicky Bingham) please write to her at the school address: North London Collegiate School, Canons, Canons Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7RJ.  Alternatively, she can be contacted by email at or by calling 020 8952 0912.

School Leadership accordion-plus

Mrs V. Bingham, MA (Oxon)

Mr T. Brown, BA (Bournemouth), MBA (Greenwich)

Academic: (Acting) Mrs J. Bedi, MA (Cantab)
Pastoral: (Acting) Ms G. Mellor, BA (Exeter) PGCE

Mr A. Frazer, MA (Cantab)

Mrs S. Cartwright-Styles, BA (Hons, QTS) (Surrey) MA (UCL)

Enrichment: Mr J. Majithia, BA (Oxon)
Professional Development: Mr H. Waddington, MA (Cantab), MPhil (Cantab) FRGS
Senior Tutor: Dr C. Jackson, PhD (Glasgow)
Digital Strategy and Partnerships: Ms L. Timm, MChem (Oxon)
University Guidance and Careers: Ms D. Mardell, MA (Cantab), MEd (Cantab)
Head of Sixth Form: Mr B. Tosh, BA (Greenwich)
Head of Upper School: Mrs N. Taberner, BA (Brighton)
Head of Middle School: Mrs J. Demetriou, BA (KCL)

Ms V. Brock, BA (Oxon)

Mrs K. Cowan, BA (Sussex), PGCE, OCR, APC (SpLD), CELTA

Dr H. Linscott, BA (UCL), MA (UCL), PhD (UCL)

Dr R. Silverman, BSc (Nottingham), MSc (Nottingham), PhD (Bristol)

Mr V. Patel, BA (University of North London)

Teachers accordion-plus

In the departmental sections, * denotes Head of Department.

Ms O. D’Cruz, BA (Warwick) (Mat leave)
Miss S. Elliott, BA Fine Art – Painting (UAL Wimbledon College of Art)
Miss G. Holland, BA Fine Art – Sculpture (Loughborough)
*Dr A. Permain, PhD (Reading), MFA (Oxon), BA (Hons) (Newcastle)
Mrs A. Wright, BA (Edinburgh)
Miss N. Young, BA (Loughborough), MA (UWIC)

Ms S. Amdur – D&T Technician
Ms I. Clifton – Art Technician

Mrs P. Forde, BA (Durham), MA (UCL)
Miss C. Jones, MA (Edinburgh)
Dr H. Linscott, BA (UCL), MA (UCL), PhD (UCL)
Miss S. May, MA (St Andrews)
*Mr E. Pike, BA (KCL), MA (Cape Town)

Mrs R. Agarwal, BA (Hons) (Delhi), MA (CCS University)
Ms M. Greenland, BSc (De Montfort)
* Mr Z. Qureshi, BSc (Hertfordshire)

Mr C. Hennelly, BA (Middlesex), MA (Hons) (Middlesex)
* Miss H. May, BA (Princeton)
Mr B. Tosh, BA (Greenwich)
Mrs S. Wettreich, BA (East Anglia)

Mrs B. Kapur, BSc (Delhi), MA (Delhi)
Mr W. Peter, BA (Nelson Mandella University, S. Africa)
* Mrs H. Waywell, BSc (Loughborough), MA (IoE)

Mr S. Binning, BA (Herts), BA (Greenwich)
*Mr A. Duffey, BA (Surrey Institute of Art & Design)
Mr Y. Patel, BEd (Middlesex)

Dr P. Aherne, MA (KCL), PhD (KCL)
Mrs J. Bedi, MA (Cantab)
Mr K. Cameron, MA (Belfast), MRes (Belfast), BA (UCL)
Ms T. Cummings, BA (Cantab)
Mrs S. Gamsu, BA (Leeds)
Dr G. Groszewski, MSc (Belfast), PhD, MPhil, BA (Trinity, Dublin)
* Ms M. Henson, BA (Cork), MA (Cork)
Dr F. Macdonald, DPhil (Oxon), PhD (Oxon), BA (Oxon)
Dr R. McLoughlin, DPhil (Oxon)
Miss J. Riemann, BA (Connecticut), BA (Virginia)

Miss K. Chung, MA (UCL), PGCert (UCL), BA (Durham)
Mr M. Hadley, BSc (Edinburgh)
Mr N. McMinn, MSc (Royal Holloway, University of London)
* Miss J. Payne, BA (Manchester)
Mr H. Waddington, MA (Cantab), MPhil (Cantab) FRGS

Ms V. Brock, BA (Oxon)
Mrs S. Cantor, BA (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Mr L. Forde, BA (KCL), MA (UCL)
Mr J.P. Glock, BSc (Econ) (LSE)
Mr J. Majithia, BA (Oxon)
Dr J. Roberts, MA (St Andrews), MPhil (Warburg Institute, University of London), DPhil (Oxon)
*Dr W. Van Reyk, BA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon)

Dr P. Avramidou, BA (Thessaloniki), MSc (Wyoming), PhD (Illinois)
Miss G. Bhatt, BSc (Durham)
Mr P. Chui, MA (Cantab), MSc (QMUL)
Miss D. Cooper, MSc (KCL)
Dr R. Ferguson, BSc (Bath), PhD (Bath)
* Mr W. Galton, BA (Cantab)
Mrs E. Livingston, MEng (Bristol)
Mr B. Manivannan, BSc (Sri Lanka)
Mrs E. Shaw, BEd (Hons) (Cantab)
Mrs A. Swanepoel, BSc (Pretoria)
Mr M. Thorogood, BSc (Sussex)
Mr N. Vaghjiani, BSc (Warwick)

Miss L. Aubic, MA (Marne-la-Vallee), CAPES (Paris IV)
* Miss K.D. Bonnal, Maitrise (Avignon) French
Miss H. Geng, BA (Jiang Su), MBA (Lincoln)
Miss P. Henderson, PGCert (Oxon), BA (Hons) (Durham)
* Ms A. Hickman, BA (Durham) Mandarin
Mrs L. Iakobachvili, BA (Ural State University, Russia)
* Dr N. Ibba, MA (Bologna), PhD (UCL) Italian
Ms K. Koehnlein, MA (Ruprecht Karls University)
Ms D. Mardell, MA (Cantab), MEd (Cantab)
* Ms E. Makower, BA (Oxon) Russian
Ms C. Ortiz, BA (Salamanca), MA (Salamanca)
Mrs M. Pampus, BA (Goldsmiths College), MSc (Middlesex)
Ms A. Santos, BA (Hons) (Aveiro), MEd (Coimbra)
Miss L. Tibballs, MA (City, University of London), BA (Nottingham)
* Mrs. A Venter, BA (Hons) (Pretoria), MA (Sorbonne) Head of Modern Foreign Languages & German
* Mrs X. Yerbury, MA (City, University of London) Spanish

Mr J. Carbonell Costa (Spanish), BA (Spain), MA (UCL)
Miss F. Croce (Italian), MA (Torino), MA (Warburg Institute, University of London)
Ms D. Dimba (German), BA (Germany)
Ms E. Hernandez Moral (Spanish), MA (Spain)
Mrs W. Hu (Chinese), MA (UCL)
Mrs L. Iakobachvili (Russian)
Mrs M. Kuo (Chinese), BA (Taiwan), MA (Hertfordshire)
Mx W. Mouelle Makolle (French), MPhil (Oxon)

Mr L. Haigh, BMus (Edin)
Miss L. James, BMus (KCL)
Mr D. Lawrence, BMus (University of London), LRAM, ARCM
* Mr S. McCall, BA (Durham)

There are an additional 25 visiting musicians who teach violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe, recorder, singing, harp, harpsichord, pianoforte, organ, French horn, percussion and brass.

Miss G. Aldcroft, BA (Liverpool)
Mrs J. Ball, BEd (Manchester)
Mrs C. Britton, BA (Greenwich)
* Mrs G. Castle, BA (Liverpool John Moores)
Mr J. Davies, BA (Durham)
Miss C. Hill, BSc (Birmingham)
Miss E. Horncastle, BSc (Coventry)
Mrs K. Kiernan, BA (Connecticut), MA (Bucks)
Mrs J. Mari, BEd (St Mary’s University, Twickenham)
Mrs J. Rafter, BA (St Mary’s University, Twickenham)
Mrs N. Taberner, BA (Brighton)

Ms N. Doole – Swimming Instructor
Mrs S. Dowe – Swimming Instructor
Ms H. Jobling – Swimming Instructor/Sports Assistant
Miss E. Joyce – Graduate Sports Assistant

Mr E. Cobb, BA (Warwick), MSc (Manchester)
Mrs J. Demetriou, BA (KCL)
Mr A. Du Cros, PhD (KCL), MA (KCL), BA (York)
* Mr J. Holt, BA (Durham), MA (Open University)
Mr. A Sfakianakis, MA (SOAS), BA (Athens)

Dr C. Browning, BSc (Bath), PhD (UCL)
Mr S. Bryers, MSc (Nottingham)
Mr N. Dave, BSc (UCL), MA (Brunel)
Dr C. Gannarelli, PhD (UCL), MSc (UCL)
Miss G. Glover, BSc (East Anglia), MA (East Anglia)
Miss N. Haridas, BSc (QMUL)
Mrs N. Hutchings, BSc (Brunel)
Dr C. Jackson, PhD (Glasgow), BSc (Glasgow)
Dr M. Patel, PhD (Imperial), BSc (Imperial)
* Mr M. Hudson-Reeve, BSc (Newcastle), Biology, Science
Miss H. Rice, BSc (Liverpool)
Mr T. Rodrigues, BSc (University of Kwazulu-Natal, S. Africa)
Miss R. Scordoulis, MBiochem (Oxon)
* Miss M. Siddiqui, BSc (KCL) Chemistry
Dr R. Silverman, BSc (Notts), MSc (Notts), PhD (Bristol)
Mr M. Stoklas, MSc (Imperial)
Ms L. Timm, MChem (Oxon)
* Mrs N. Timoshina, MSc (Moscow) Physics
Mrs A. Whitehead, BSc (Bristol)

Mr E. Van Zyl – Senior Science Technician
Ms A. Berchie – Science Technician
Mr S. Daniels – Science Technician
Mr M. Nadeem – Science Technician
Ms K. Visram – Science Technician

* Ms J. A. Howse, MA (UCL), BSc (UCL)
Harriet Jones, Archivist
Samantha Letters, Senior School Librarian

Mrs K. Cargill Thompson – Library Assistant

Support Staff accordion-plus

Linda-Marie Chambers, Sixth Form and Non-Standard Admissions Officer
Karen Eldridge, Junior School Admissions Officer
Jo Hemmings, 11+ Admissions Officer
Jessica Mendes Rego, Head of Admissions

Steven Ballantyne, Duty Manager
Katie O’Leary, Duty Manager

Larraine Bristow, Director of Marketing
Libby Clements, Marketing and Communications Assistant
Sean West, Digital Content Officer

Courtney Osei, Compliance Officer

Nicole Barry, Cover Supervisor
Dipti Bhatt, Cover Supervisor
Aaliya Noble, Cover Supervisor
Lisa Peterman, Cover Supervisor
Sue Seaman, Cover Supervisor

Joe Dunster, Fundraising Manager
Samuel Farrer, Alumnae Engagement & Events Officer
Gavin Mann, Director of Development
Tara Stephens, Development Office Administrator

Nicholas Arte, School Marshall
Stuart Burden, School Keeper
Michael Clarkson, Estates Director
Dean Clements, Deputy School Keeper
Carmel Hanson, Estates Administrator
Dave Harris, Estates Manager
Chris Lokko, Security Marshall
Alan Phipps, School Keeper
Dave Piddington, Head School Keeper
Michael Russell, School Keeper
Alex Sanchez, School keeper

Susan Burkett, Exams Secretary

Tracey Bush, Payroll & Fees Administrator
Beverley Grant, Finance Director
Anita Joshi, Accounts Manager
Reena Vara, Finance Assistant

Dawn Gamble, HR Recruitment Administrator
Kelly-Marie Madden-Giles, HR Officer

Ali Aliev, Director of Business Development
Michael Burke, Director of Educational Quality
Gwen Byrom, Director of Education Strategy
Ian Callender, COO NLCS International
Lucy Tierney, International Recruitment Coordinator
Jade Howard, Quality Assurance & Social Media Administrator
Harshita Vekaria, International Projects Administrator

Chris Hilton, Director of IT
Umer Jamil, IT Support Technician
Awadh Mohamed, IT Support Technician
Ian Munro, IT Network Manager
Brendan Sweeney, IT Services Director

Annmarie Esmail, Transport Officer
Patricia McFarlane, Operations Manager
Sharon Ward, Operations Director

Benjamin Adams, Theatre Technician
Thomas Boase, Theatre Manager

Deborah Baum, PA to the Head
Heather Cade, PA to the COO
Gill Conway, PA to the Deputy Heads
Lyn Degnan, Music & Drama Administrator
Jackie Humphreys, Office Administrator
Lorraine Iseman, Senior School Receptionist
Jana Mikitova, Senior School Office Manager
Madhu Pattani, Trips and Calendar Co-Ordinator
Sarah Prentice, Admin & Attendance Officer
Sonia Shah, Office Administrator
Mei Yuan, Data Officer

Veronica Simon, Reprographics Technician

Zahra Kharia

Carolyn Duff, SEND Assistant

Junior School Leadership accordion-plus

Mrs S. Cartwright-Styles, BA (Hons, QTS) (Surrey) MA (UCL)

Mrs K. Bartram, BA (Kent) MA (Hertfordshire) Deputy Head: First School
Mr R. Queripel, BA (Sheffield) Deputy Head: Lower School
Mr G. Zucker, BA (Leeds) Deputy Head: Academic

Mr A. Wilkes, BA (Leeds Met): Staff Development

Teachers accordion-plus

Miss K. Bayliss, BA (Nottingham)
Mrs C. Bright, BA (Glasgow)
Mr J. Brown, LLB (Durham)
Mr T. Connelly, BA (Leeds)
Mrs J. Cooke, BEd (Waikato, NZ)
Mrs C. Cox, BA (China), MA (Kingston)
Mrs E. Cukier, BSC (Birmingham) MSc (London Met)
Miss L. Forsyth, BA (Middlesex) (Mat leave)
Mrs I. Freeman, MA Hons (Edinburgh)
Miss G. Holland, BA (Loughborough)
Miss M. Hanson, BEd (Surrey)
Mr D. Harrison, BA (Leeds)
Mrs K. Ivory, BSc (Leicester)
Mrs F. Kassamali, BEd, MEd (Toronto)
Mrs A. Mainwaring, MA (Royal Academy of Music)
Mrs L. Marks, BA (Middlesex)
Miss C. Modridge, BA (Open)
Mrs A. Novick, BEd (Leeds)
Mrs E. Sandzer, BSc (Bristol)
Mrs R. Rushbrook, BA (Cambridge), MA (Roehampton)
Mrs H. Stokes-Wigham, BA (Nottingham)
Mrs L. Weisgard, BSc (Manchester)

First School Teaching Assistants
Mrs R. Amdur
Mrs K. Andrews
Mrs C. Bedford, BA Hons (Birmingham), MSc (UCL)
Mrs P. Garcha
Mrs C. Ingate, BEd (Hertfordshire)
Mrs S. Johnson
Miss E. Kern
Mrs D. Nathan
Mrs L. Pearson, MBA, BMus (Thames Valley)

Lower School Teaching Assistants
Miss A. Brown
Mrs L. Feldman, TA Team Leader
Mrs L. Garsin
Mrs N. Golson, BA (Cambridge) MSc (UCL)
Mrs A. Shah

Support Staff accordion-plus

Rachel Hudson

PA to Head of Junior School and Junior School Office Manager
Sheldon Arthur
Holly Hawkins (Mat leave)

Junior School Admissions Officer
Karen Eldridge

Administrative Assistant
Arwa Ali
Angela Zeller

Junior School Office Administrator
Jennifer Rogoff

Junior School Technicians
Kevin Delahoy

After School Care
Beverley Miller
Aaliya Noble
Lily Tran

Early Coach Escorts
Mary Andrews
Elaine Chapman
Pauline O’Callaghan
Kathleen Trainor
Angela Wright

* Denotes Head of Department

Medical Team accordion-plus

School Nurse
Harriet Woods

School Counsellors
Molly Brennan
April Wellesley

Health Care Professional
Lorna Soares-Smith

Governing Body

Select a governing body member for more information about them.

If you would like to contact the Chairman of Governors, please write to the following address:
Chairman of Governors, North London Collegiate School, Canons, Canons Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7RJ or email:

Mr Robert Hingley (Chairman Of Governors) accordion-plus


Robert is Chairman of Euroclear UK and International Limited, The Law Debenture Corporation PLC, Marathon Asset Management Limited and Phoenix Spree Deutschland Limited. He was a governor of Rugby School for 13 years, the last nine as Vice-Chairman.

He worked as an investment banker (corporate finance) for over 30 years, advising a wide range of clients, particularly in the financial services’ sector. He retired as a partner of  Ondra Partners in 2017. From 2010 until 2015, he was Managing Director, and later Senior Adviser, at Lazard. He was Director-General of The Takeover Panel from 2007, on secondment from Lexicon Partners, where he was Vice Chairman. Previously, he was Co- Head of the Global Financial Institutions Group and Head of German Investment Banking at Citi, which acquired Schroders’ investment banking business in 2000. He joined Schroders in 1985 after qualifying as a solicitor with Clifford Chance in 1984.

Mrs Sophie Carter, BSC (Hons), Associate, CFA, (ONL) (Vice Chairman Of Governors) accordion-plus

Sophie Carter has over 15 years experience in the City working as a corporate financier and as a fund manager. She became the only female graduate to join the Samuel Montagu Merchant Bank graduate training programme. There she spent 6 years in the Corporate Finance Division. Her expertise included mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings and privatisations for major corporations and government.

She was one of the new team recruited by the founders of SocGen Asset Management (“SGAM”) to establish a new UK institutional and retail fund management group backed by the French Bank Société Générale. She left SGAM in 2006 to spend more time with her children, who are still young.

Mr Peter Needleman, MA, FIA (Vice Chairman Of Governors) accordion-plus

Peter is an actuary with over 40 years’ experience in the life insurance industry.  He is a leading expert in life company demutualisations, mergers and acquisitions, and the financial management of with-profits business, and was the With-Profits Actuary for Prudential Assurance Company for 5 years from 2015-2020.  He is currently a non-executive Director for Aviva International Insurance Limited, and chair of the Board Risk Committee.

During his career, Peter was a Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson, served on the Towers Perrin Board of Directors and chaired the Board’s Business Investment Committee. He has written several papers which were presented to the Institute of Actuaries and has served on the profession’s Council, its Life Practice Board, as Honorary Secretary and chairman of its Research Committee.

Peter obtained an Honours Degree in Mathematics at Churchill College Cambridge and is married with a son, and two daughters who both attended NLCS.

Ms Elaine Davis, BA, DIP (OXON), (ONL) accordion-plus

Elaine is CEO of The 10 Group, a content and communications agency and co-founder of software company ISEBOX. Shortlisted for Private Businesswoman of the Year 2013, Elaine is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and sold two marketing services agencies over the past 20 years.

A former NLCS girl (1979-1986), Elaine is now a mother of three, with two boys at Habs and a daughter at NLCS.

Elaine is a personal mentor to a number of start-ups and new business owners and works closely with two national charities advising on their marketing and fundraising campaigns.

She is a passionate Spurs fan (having applied to be manager whilst still at NLCS) and starts each season with renewed optimism for title success.

Ms Vivien Godfrey, MA (OXON), MBA, FRGS, (ONL) accordion-plus

Vivien Godfrey is the Chairman and CEO of the Edward Stanford Group (Stanfords) a retailer of travel books, maps, globes and other travel related products and services.

Vivien attended NLCS from 1968 to 1979 and was School Captain in her final year.

Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, father and mother, Vivien graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Geography.  Vivien also holds an MBA from INSEAD and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

She worked for almost two decades for McKinsey and Company and then Diageo in the retail and consumer packaged goods sectors in the UK, Canada and USA.

Members of Vivien’s family have been shareholders and Directors of Stanfords since 1949. After serving for several years as the non-Executive Chairman, Vivien assumed the role of CEO of Stanfords in March 2018.

Mrs Gabrielle Gower OBE, MSC, MA (Cantab), (ONL) accordion-plus

Gabrielle has worked for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office for over 20 years, including a posting to The Hague as one of the UK representatives to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and a secondment to the Ministry of Defence.

She studied Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge before taking a diploma in Acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts. Gabrielle also has an Msc in Investigative Forensic Psychology from London South Bank University.

In 2021, she was awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List for her services to British Foreign Policy.

Mrs Victoria Harding, BMUS (HONS), PGDIP (RAM), PGCE, LRAM, ATCL accordion-plus

Victoria Harding (née Savage) is the Head of Repton Prep School in Derbyshire; a co-educational day and boarding school for children aged 3-13.  She was previously Head at Sarum Hall School in Belsize Park, London, and Deputy Head, then Acting Head, at Newland House School in Twickenham.

Victoria read Music at Edinburgh University where she was in demand as a musical director, accompanist and organist.  She was Director of Music at St Michael & All Saints Church, President and Musical Director of Edinburgh Footlights Society and directed Edinburgh Studio Opera’s production of Dido and Aeneas at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, amongst other performance opportunities.  She was awarded numerous prizes when graduating from University and went on to study Piano Accompanying postgraduate at the Royal Academy of Music in London, performing in concerts across the country.

Victoria has taught at Eton College, Falkner House and Lambrook Schools, and been Director of Music at Garden House School and subsequently at the Dragon School in Oxford.  She has taught Art, Music, History, French and English during her career.

Ms Rowena Herdman-Smith, BA (HONS) accordion-plus

Rowena is the General Counsel (Operations) and a partner at Mishcon de Reya LLP, a major leading law firm.

A graduate of Bristol University, after 30 years practising corporate ligitation, Rowena now heads up the firm’s risk and compliance function alongside its COLP/MLRO. Her brief is wide ranging, involving all aspects of risk, from procurement, GDPR through to third party audits and training.

Rowena lives and works in North London.  She has three children, one an ONL (year of 2018) and two sons, one of who is now at university but, like his younger brother, went to Highgate.

Cllr Ameet Jogia MBE, JP, MA accordion-plus

Ameet Jogia is currently a Political Advisor to the Prime Minister working at 10 Downing Street.

Ameet has been a political activist for over 20 years, working as a Political Advisor in Parliament for over 10 years and most recently as a Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Conservative Party. During this time, Ameet has also served as the Chief of Staff the Lord Popat of Harrow – a former Business and Transport Minister and currently the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy.

Ameet lives in Stanmore and has served as a local Councillor for Canons Wards since 2014.  He is deeply passionate about serving the local community and representing local interests.

In June 2022, Ameet was awarded an MBE for Political and Public Services.

Mrs Nina Kingsmill Moore, MED, HDE accordion-plus

Nina Kingsmill Moore is Head at Glendower Preparatory School, an academically selective girls’ School in South Kensington, London.  Prior to this, Nina has been Deputy Head at Lambrook School in Berkshire and Wetherby School in Notting Hill.  Nina is a passionate educationalist who enjoys training others and currently runs the preparation for Headship course for aspiring Head Teachers annually.

In her personal life, Nina is mum to three children who all attend boarding school at Marlborough College in Wiltshire and is married to Hugh, who works in finance.  In her spare time, Nina enjoys family holidays in both hot and cold climates and enjoys skiing, walking her dogs and socialising.

Ms Charlotte Marten, BA (HONS), MA, PGCE accordion-plus

Charlotte is passionate about ensuring that young people have access to outstanding education. She has forty years’ experience as a teacher, retiring as Head of Rugby High School in August 2019. Her previous posts include Principal of Jersey College for Girls and Deputy Head of Northampton High School. She was Chair of the Grammar Schools Heads’ Association between 2013-2015.

Charlotte is currently a governor and Chair of the Academic Committee of Rugby School, a governor of Stockingford Academy and a member of AQA’s Irregularities and Appeals Committees.

Dr Thomas Thomas, BSC (Durham), PHD (Bristol), PGCE (Buckingham) accordion-plus

Tom Thomas is the Director of Studies (Deputy Head Academic) at Winchester College in Hampshire; a boys’ boarding school (13-18, co-ed in Sixth Form).  He has been at Winchester since 2018.  He was previously Head of Chemistry and Head of Year 11 at NLCS, and prior to that taught Chemistry at St. Paul’s School in Barnes and Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

Tom read Chemistry at University College, Durham and then completed a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Bristol before embarking on a career in a teaching.

Tom’s teaching career has encompassed service in a variety of different environments, both single sex and co-ed, day, and boarding.

Dr Dorothy Toh, PHD, CPA (CA), PGCHE accordion-plus

Dorothy Toh is an academic at King’s College London, teaching and advising both undergraduates and postgraduates, and conducting research on audit quality, audit regulation and the future of the financial professions with a particular emphasis on the impact of technological transformation.

Prior to King’s, Dorothy was at the London School of Economics where she completed her PhD and postdoctoral research in accounting and gained her Fellowship to the Higher Education Academy.  Prior to academia, Dorothy had a long career in the City as a senior finance professional, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, and latterly as Head of Finance at Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, working predominantly with listed, international firms throughout this time.

Dorothy has a keen and deep interest in educational matters and also sits on the Board of Governors at a state primary school.

Mr Andreas Utermann, BSC, MA, ASIP accordion-plus

Andreas has had a distinguished career in finance and was Head of Allianz Global Investors, the asset management arm of Allianz with Euro 673 billion assets under management, for eight years until 2020.  He is currently chairman of Vontobel, a leading Swiss asset manager/wealth manager.

He has an active interest in education and is a governor of Birkbeck, University of London and is a founding trustee of the Financial Times financial literacy and inclusion campaign.  He is a philanthropist.

Andreas is a parent of three children, one who recently left NLCS and another who is a current pupil at the School.

Andreas holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, an MA in Economics from Katholieke Universiteit Leuvenas well as the CFA’s ASIP qualification.

Mrs Emma Watford, MCHEM (OXON) MBA (HARVARD) accordion-plus

Emma Watford has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. She started her career in mergers & acquisitions at Morgan Stanley before joining the private equity industry in 2005 after completing her MBA at Harvard Business School where she was a Fulbright Scholar.

She is a Partner at Bridgepoint, a leading international private equity firm, where she co-heads the firm’s investment activities in the UK for the Bridgepoint Europe fund and Co-Chairs the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

She is an experienced board director having sat on over 20 Boards in her career to date in companies including retailers Pets at Home and Hobbycraft, international safety firm Capital Safety Group, Dutch educational publisher Infinitas Learning, self-storage business Safestore, car leasing company Zenith and wealth manager Quilter Cheviot which was sold to FTSE 100 investment and savings group Old Mutual.

She is a member of the UK Takeover Panel, on the Advisory Council of Level 20, which promotes gender diversity in private equity, and on the Advisory Board of the Masters of Law and Finance Course at Oxford University.

She has three young children and lives in South West London but has a strong affinity to North London having lived there for many years and being from a family of Arsenal supporters.

Dr Adrian Weller, MBE, MA (CANTAB), PHD accordion-plus

Adrian Weller is Programme Director for AI at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK national institute for data science and AI, where he is also a Turing Fellow leading work on safe and ethical AI.   He is a Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge, and at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence where he leads the project on Trust and Transparency.  His interests span AI, its commercial applications and helping to ensure beneficial outcomes for society.

He serves on several boards including the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.  Previously, Adrian held senior roles in finance.

Adrian was awarded an MBE for services to digital innovation in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2022.

Professor Brian Young, BA (DURHAM), MA, DPHIL (OXFORD) accordion-plus

Brian is a student and tutor in Modern History at Christ Church, Oxford University.

Brian gained his first degree at Durham University and his doctorate at Jesus College, Oxford. He held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at Jesus College, Oxford between 1990 and 1993, and was then Lecturer and subsequently Reader in Intellectual History at the University of Sussex between 1993 and 2003. He has been at Christ Church since in 2003.

Brian teaches eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British history, along with papers in political thought, historiography, and a paper in Victorian intellectual history. His interests are intellectual and religious history of Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His publications include Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century England (Oxford, 1998), and The Victorian Eighteenth Century (Oxford, 2007).

Brian’s hobbies include music, literature and the arts.

Mr Derek Baillie, BSC, MSC, FRICS (ASSOCIATE GOVERNOR) accordion-plus

Derek originally trained as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and subsequently moved into property development having completed his Masters.  He retired from Land Securities plc after seventeen years as Director of Project Management. During this period he was a Director of the Joint Contracts Tribunal (the across industry body responsible for the drafting and publishing of contract documentation); was a Director Trustee of the company pension scheme and a part time lecturer in project management in property development at Reading, UCL and South Bank Universities. Derek served as the Chairman of The British Council of Shopping Centres Technical Affairs Committee for a number of years.

Derek was responsible for technical graduate recruitment and the mentoring of junior staff to become chartered in various construction related disciplines. With the Bartlett at UCL, a part time Masters course degree was designed and sponsored by Land Securities for Project Management of Major Projects.

He spent two years as a part time consultant to Transport for London to assist in the creation of the strategy to redevelop their assets with new operational facilities incorporating a commercial element.

Derek is currently a Governor of Farringtons School in Chislehurst and helps run a local tennis and squash club where he struggles to improve his game.