School Life

The Sixth Form at NLCS is a vibrant and exciting place to study. A diverse curriculum, numerous leadership opportunities, superb teaching and supportive preparation for university admissions combine to ensure that our students are prepared for ambitious futures and expect the best for themselves and others.

Life in the Sixth form at NLCS is about helping students to flourish beyond the classroom as much as within it. Developing reflective and confident students who relish academic endeavour has always been a strength at North London. We are confident our students will enjoy their Sixth Form years and go on to shape the world.

“NLCS is unique in its desire to facilitate any combination of subject choices, and in choosing to study Latin, Greek, English and Italian for Pre-U, I experienced the inspirational teaching and unconditional support of the faculties, enabling me to fulfil my academic aspirations, whilst continuing to follow my sporting passion as a National Team athlete. ” – Giselle, Former Student

Year 12 and 13 students are assigned to small Tutor Groups. These are drawn from the two age groups to promote mixing between the layers and help integrate the new students who join the School for the Sixth Form. The Head of Sixth Form and the Assistant Heads of Sixth Form are the key sources of advice and help.

Guidance for University

Students at NLCS are academically ambitious, meaning that they aim to apply to some of the top universities the world has to offer. We have an outstanding record of supporting students in achieving their top choice of university. A great deal of preparation and support for university entry and careers is provided, including a careers fair, UCAS events, US universities information for those wishing to study aboard and individual interview and presentation practice. Find out more about guidance for university.

Pastoral Support

Every student works closely with their tutor, the Director of Sixth Form, and their deputies to ensure they are happy and confident. Tutor groups are a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 pupils, integrating the year groups and allowing for wide friendship groups and peer support. Find out more about pastoral care at NLCS.

“Sixth Form has boosted my confidence; I found it easy to integrate into the year and have found friends for life.” – Ritu, NLCS student

Partnerships and Community

We encourage students in the NLCS Sixth Form to actively engage with their community and the wider world. We want to allow them to develop their interests both inside and outside the classroom. We offer a programme of active partnerships with other schools, including collaboration with schools such as Eton, Whitgift and QE Boys for joint events. We organise conferences in different subject disciplines and host an annual Hispanic Theatre Festival, which more than 20 schools participate.

We also provide many opportunities for students to be outward-looking and internationally-minded through trips and exchanges, educational visits and charity work in the UK and overseas.

“I like the sense of independence that you are given, it really allows you to manage your time well and become more organised.” – Marian, Year 12


Big Six – Senior committee

Each Spring Term, the School appoints a Senior Committee: a team of six Year 12 students elected by staff and students. Our ‘Big Six’ have wide-ranging responsibilities across the school. They support other Sixth Form students, leading activities and events, one of which is the annual Canons Follies variety show, which involves all pupils in Year 12.

Valedictory Day

At the end of each Summer term, we bid farewell to our Year 13 students. Pupils are joined by their family and friends for a special service and celebration in the grounds. Many a tear is shed by staff and students as they say goodbye to each other.