School Life

School Life in the Senior School 

Everyone matters at North London. This means every individual is well-known, valued for who they are, and their contribution is recognised and celebrated.

The opportunities for leadership, public speaking, performance, creative expression, and sports and outdoor activities are many and varied. Coupled with our focus on supporting the individual, the result is that students feel happy and are given the confidence to run their own race – to embrace challenges, to be grounded, resilient and to flourish in whatever walk of life they may choose.

“One of the main reasons I loved my time at NLCS was because I was encouraged to value my music and my acting as much as my academic studies because they are such a vital part of who I am.” – Romy, ONL


The School Day accordion-plus

The School day at North London is divided into nine lessons of thirty-five minutes each, though some subjects in the Middle School such as Art, Games and Science have double lessons.

Structure of the day

  • 8.15am to 8.35am  – Students begin arriving
  • 8.40am to 9.15am  – Period 1
  • 9.15am to 9.50am  – Period 2
  • 9.50am to 10.25am – Form time / assembly
  • 10.25am to 10.45am  – MORNING BREAK –  Students may go to the Dining Hall to buy drinks or snacks or they may bring something from home.
  • 10.45am to 11.20am  – Period 3
  • 11.20am to 11.55am – Period 4
  • 11.55am to 12.30pm – Period 5
  • 12.30pm to 1.40pm – LUNCH – Year 7 go to lunch at 1.10pm. Before lunch, students can join one of the many clubs or activities on offer or go to the library or relax in the grounds.
  • 1.40pm to 2.15pm – Period 6
  • 2.15pm to 2.50pm – Period 7
  • 2.50pm to 3.25pm – Period 8
  • 3.25pm to 4.00pm – Period 9


All students at every year-level are able to participate in drama at NLCS, either onstage or backstage. There are many opportunities to become involved with drama beyond the curriculum. In addition to the numerous major performances staged every year involving students from across the entire school, drama clubs, studio pieces, Edinburgh Fringe productions and workshops provide the students with more experimental platforms. The older pupils often devise, direct, write and perform works of their own choosing.

Performing Arts


At North London Collegiate we aim to provide a broad range of musical opportunities for all students and strive for ambitious music making. We encourage pupils to develop skills as a performer irrespective of level, and offer a wide variety of musical experiences both within and beyond the curriculum. Approximately 500 instrumental lessons are taught each week by over 25 distinguished visiting instrumental specialists in our purpose-built Music Department.

All styles of music thrive at North London Collegiate. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of auditioned and non-auditioned musical activities, comprising choirs, orchestras and various ensembles. Chamber music provision is a particular specialism of the school. A number of current pupils also play for the National Youth Orchestra and the National Children’s Orchestra, and have had success in national and international performing and composition competitions.

Pupils have numerous performing opportunities, ranging from our all-inclusive end of term concerts to our prestigious dedicated to solos and smaller ensembles. Students also have the chance to perform in external venues in London and abroad on tours, which in recent years have included Venice, New York and Tuscany. Links with the musical profession remain strong, with external lecturers and performers regularly working with our students.

Music Scholarships are available in Year 7 and Sixth Form – more information can be found about them here.



Art & Design 

NLCS Drawing School includes facilities for drawing, painting, photography, computer-aided design, print-making, textile design, welding and ceramics. Regular weekend and after-school workshops are held for senior students: these include life drawing, photography and top-up sessions for students wishing to extend class-based projects.

As well as an impressive range of resources and media to draw upon, there are regular trips to major European cities and the Sixth Form Art Society organises the annual charity Fantasy Fashion Show and visiting speakers. Many students go on to study art, design or architecture at university.


Art & Design


Our ethos is “sport for all” and with our extensive playing fields and array of sports facilities located on the 30 acre site, sporting life flourishes at North London.

There are beautiful tennis courts set in historic gardens, games pitches and a track bordered by an ancient Lime Avenue, and an all-weather pitch for netball, lacrosse and football.

We support the development of future potential athlete with fixtures from A to E squads as well as internal House competitions.

PE plays a significant role in the whole school Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy of every member of the NLCS community participating in some form of regular physical activity.



Our superb facilities include a fully equipped , indoor swimming pool and fitness suite allowing us to offer sport and fitness for all, with an equal emphasis on excellence and enjoyment. At every level of ability, students can participate in a wide range of sports, including netball, lacrosse, swimming, cross country, badminton, gymnastics, dance, athletics, tennis and fencing. Other activities available for students include, cricket, water polo and skiing.

Take a tour around our wonderful sports grounds.