Leaving a Legacy

Legacies and bequests have played a key part in North London Collegiate School’s success and that continues today: over £2 million has been given to the School through gifts in wills. Many of those who have left a gift in their will tell us that this future contribution recognises the part NLCS has played in their life and the role they want to play in its future. We are so grateful for this support.

Of course, we understand that you will want to make provision for your friends and family first. However, we also hope that, after your loved ones have been provided for, you will be able to mention North London in some way – either by leaving a specific amount, or perhaps a small percentage of your estate.

Through bursaries, your support can create opportunities for generations of future bright and able students to study at NLCS, whatever their background or financial circumstances.

You might choose to support the facilities, spaces and equipment which enable our students to question, discover and study together.

You can also give the School the chance to direct funds towards projects where the need is greatest at the time.

We are so grateful for the support we receive from those who have left us a gift in their will; thank you. It is a privilege to receive such meaningful gifts.

“I went to North London as a Junior in 1960 and was joined later by my two younger sisters. We all benefitted from outstanding teachers and had a rigorous and enjoyable education, which was not just about scholarship and academic achievement, but also about music, sport, social skills, courtesy, respect for other people’s opinions, and friendship.

My sister Alison was School Captain in 1972 and went on to Girton College, Cambridge to read history before embarking upon a successful career in journalism. She died tragically early in her fiftieth year from motor neurone disease.

I will be leaving a gift in my will in Alison’s name to endow a bursary in remembrance of her, to thank North London for the invaluable work which they continue to do and finally, to enable another student to have the same special start in life that the three Eadie sisters all did.”

– Carolyn Eadie, ONL (Class of 1971)

“I came to North London in 1945 as an 11-year-old on a county scholarship; the school at that time was part of the direct grant system. I enjoyed a wonderful and completely free education, which it is unlikely my parents could have afforded. Only after I left School did I realise just how good an education I had had. It gave me such a good start in life. Through a gift in my will, I would like other people to have the same chance that I had, and for girls whose parents can’t afford the fees to enjoy a wonderful education at North London through the Bursary Fund.”

– P.A., ONL (Class of 1952)

We will ask you whether or not you would like to join the Frances Mary Buss Fellowship, an organisation for those individuals who have made a commitment to support the School with a legacy gift. You can find out more about different types of legacy gifts in our brochure.

If you are considering leaving a gift to North London, thank you.