Family of International Schools

The NLCS Family of Schools

The NLCS Group has a shared educational approach, meaning that each international school delivers an ‘NLCS’ education; therefore NLCSI is involved in ongoing support for the schools, ensuring that this is maintained across the school group.

Each school has its own set of values, but they are based on a common set of beliefs and values, which underpin the common and distinctive philosophy of all North London Collegiate Schools. In particular, we hold:

A belief in the potential of young people – that we can foster the drive and determination that will enable them to make a difference to the world;

A belief that each student is unique, and that it is our responsibility to provide them with “floors, not ceilings” so that we can nurture their individual talents, confidence and self-worth and enable them to “run their own race”;

A belief that varied perspectives enrich our schools and wider communities, and that we should embrace, encourage, celebrate and learn from difference and diversity;

A belief that learning is an end in itself and is something to be prized, and that education means much more than following a prescribed examination syllabus;

A belief in the transformative power of academic engagement, and that a culture of scholarship should extend beyond the classroom and should permeate the wider life of our schools;

A belief that academic study involves a determination not to take things at face value, and that intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry are central to the success of our students in their time at school and in their future lives;

A belief in the importance of service to others – of looking outwards, and contributing positively to society and the wider world;

A belief in the importance of maintaining a caring and warm community, and nurturing a positive spirit of collaboration in all our interactions.

“We want to uncover each student’s unique talents and nurture the whole individual, to inspire them to realise their potential in whichever field they choose, and to enable them to understand that learning involves going beyond the simplistic confines of the examination curriculum.”

– Mr Michael Burke, Director of Education Quality