A Level

Students who follow our A Level Pathway will have complete freedom of choice over the subjects that they study. Timetables are bespoke, allowing for true personalisation of learning and real opportunities for areas of passion to be studied in greater depth.

Students taking A levels at NLCS will be able to from choose from 25 subjects across a range of academic fields. We pride ourselves on the freedom of choice that we are able to offer to students, with the timetable built around the options that students make. Students will choose to pursue 3 or 4 subjects across their time in the Sixth Form, supplemented by a range of additional qualifications including the EPQ and Cambridge Coding course. Courses are designed by Heads of Department to ensure the best possible opportunities are given to students to stretch themselves and engage with challenging and stimulating material.



All Sixth Form students have time for enrichment built into their timetable, in order to allow them the chance to pursue their subjects or areas of interest beyond the classroom.

These enrichment sessions are where Senior Society meetings and academic lectures take place, as well as providing opportunities for wider development. Whether it is helping to organise and lead a lecture series as part of History Society, hearing prominent scientists discuss their cutting edge research as part of Science Café, or providing a space for students to practice mindfulness, there is truly something for everyone.