Normandy, Dublin, Seville and more – A busy holiday of trips

26 April 2024


During the recent holiday break, students from NLCS embraced a diverse range of enriching trips, each destination offering its plenty of cultural, historical, and educational experiences.

For our Year 8 cohort, the journey led to the picturesque landscapes of Normandy, where they delved into a myriad of immersive activities from navigating the vibrant Market of Villedieu-les-Poeles to honing their archery skills, crafting bread from scratch, and soaring through the skies in aeroball, every moment was infused with excitement and exploration. Their exploration culminated with a visit to the iconic Mont St Michel, where they gleaned insights into history and culture while forging lasting memories.

Meanwhile, the vibrant city of Naples beckoned our Classics and Italian students, drawing them into its rich tapestry of antiquity and modernity. From exploring the archaeological wonders of Mount Vesuvius to wandering through the bustling streets of Sorrento. Guided by knowledgeable experts, they ventured into the ruins of Pompeii and marvelled at the majestic temples of Paestum, each site offering profound insights into the past and inspiring a passion for discovery.

English and Year 8 Spanish learners embarked on their own adventures, with Dublin and Seville as their respective destinations. Amidst the historic streets of Dublin and the plazas of Seville, these students immersed themselves in language, culture, and tradition, forming memories that will resonate for years to come.

Beyond cultural exploration, our students also seized sporting opportunities to refine their skills. The Ski Trip and Tennis Tour to Portugal provided thrilling avenues for athletic growth, as students hit the slopes and courts, honing their abilities, and forming lasting bonds.

Huge thanks to all the staff who helped lead these trips ensuring our students love of learning extends beyond the classroom.