NLCS Chess Success

16 January 2024

Chess Champs

On Sunday 14 January, our Senior and Junior chess players embarked on a journey to St. Catherine’s School in Bramley, eagerly anticipating the challenge that awaited them at the ECF’s National Girls’ Chess Championships Semi-Final.

Arriving at the venue, the atmosphere hummed with competition and camaraderie. The day unfolded with strategic plays and intellectual battles, each move on the chessboard reflecting determination and skill.

Throughout the tournament, our students demonstrated remarkable talent and dedication, showcasing their mastery of the game with each calculated manoeuvre. Their unwavering focus and determination were inspiring to witness.

After some fantastic game play the NLCS Senior A team emerged victorious, claiming the top spot in the entire tournament and bringing home the trophy. Their victory stands as a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Huge congratulations to all our students who took part and contributed to this spectacular achievement!