Lamé, you stay: North London brings Chanel to golden light

12 January 2024

Chanel Exhibition

Tuesday 9, January was Chanel Day at NLCS! The French department was delighted to take our Y10 students to the Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where oohs, aahs, and ooh la las rippled through the stately labyrinth as the students admiringly gazed at the nec plus ultra of French “Allure”.

Belles with a cause as Coco herself, our young dandizettes were determined to unveil ever so delicately, never brazenly! The glittering career of the couturier and houndstooth history of French style and womanhood. What a joy it was to meander through the galleries of Art Nouveau-inspired flapper dresses, embroidered petites robes noires galore, swanky tweed suits aplenty, refined bottles of No 5, and sparkling bijous among myriads of kaleidoscopic statement jewels!

The wintry afternoon was a golden opportunity to discover Chanel on-screen, on cosy and ritzy seats bien sûr, with an exclusive viewing of Coco before Chanel. The red-letter day ended with a plate sketching atelier, where our flowering mademoiselles designed fresh, a la mode versions of the little black dress.  

A grand merci to Mx Mouelle Makolle, Miss Bonnal, Miss Henderson, Miss Tibbals, and Miss Elliott for organising the outing. A day to remember, indeed!

Mx Mouelle Makolle, French Teaching Assistant