In case you missed it

20 October 2023


With so many events and activities taking place during this jam-packed half-term, it’s easy to miss some of the things that have happened here at Canons.

  • A generous donation from a current parent has seen the addition of four table tennis tables in the grounds, which have been hugely popular with both students and staff. When the weather improves, we look forward to an NLCS tournament!
  • We welcomed ONLs back to Canons for 1 year, 50 year and 55+ reunions, a chance for them to catch up with old friends and reacquaint themselves with the school grounds.
  • We had the privilege of attending the enlightening Nicholson Lectures by Dr. McLoughlin, Mr. Hadley, and Dr. Gannarelli.
  • Harrow Police visited the school for a summit on ‘Violence Against Women and Girl’s’, where we also hosted students from nearby schools.
  • Year 11 students immersed themselves in a Shakespeare Workshop, exploring the works of this renowned wordsmith and playwright in collaborative small groups.
  • The Big Six delivered an inspiring Barbie-themed assembly. Their empowering message served as a reminder to our students that not everything is within their control, and that they do not need to chase perfection.
  • Thanks to the generosity of the Parents’ Guild, we have been able to upgrade the lighting equipment in the Performing Arts Centre. This investment not only elevates the quality of our performances but also takes a substantial stride toward reducing our energy consumption, aligning seamlessly with our school’s commitment to achieving Carbon Net Zero status by 2030.
  • Students have enjoyed many trips including a Year 11 Drama outing to Dear England at the Prince Edward Theatre, a Year 11 Latin Trip to Cambridge, the Year 9 residential to the Western Front, and a Sixth Form Debating Trip at St Paul’s Girls’ School.

This half-term has truly been a testament to the vibrancy of our school community.


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