F1 in Schools Regional Finals

31 January 2024

f1 in schools header3

Three NLCS teams proudly showcased their talent and innovation at the recent F1 in Schools regional competition held at RAF Benson in Oxford.

Entering the regional finals, our contingent comprised three teams: two at the development level and one at the professional level.

Team Sparkx, our first development-level squad, comprising Christina, Maya, Jennika, Rhya, and Esha, demonstrated remarkable dedication and teamwork, each member contributing unique skills to the table, fostering creativity and cohesion.

Joining the development level alongside Team Sparkx were Team Eclipse: Jasmine, Noya, Mahi, Amaya, and Ananya. Their journey was marked by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence, showcasing a commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.

At the professional level, Team Blitz—composed of Aiyana, Anika, Ella, and Emma were ready to showcase their skill and determination. With a history of success, including an impressive 2nd place in the previous year’s Regionals, Team Blitz focused unwaveringly on the ultimate prize.

It’s noteworthy that Team Blitz had deferred their participation in the Nationals at the development level the previous year due to conflicting schedules with their GCSEs and returned this year at the professional level, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to success in the competition.

Despite facing intense competition, they secured the 4th position overall out of 50 teams in the racing element, with Aiyana showcasing remarkable skill behind the wheel, boasting an astonishing reaction time.

While none of our teams secured a spot in the Nationals, we are immensely proud of all our students for their incredible efforts and dedication throughout the competition.