Choral Workshop

5 July 2023

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On Monday 3 July, our Junior School students had the pleasure of taking part in the most exciting and interactive choral workshop, led by renowned British choral conductor, Ralph Allwood.

The Junior School girls sung their hearts out to an array of songs; from the jazzy ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ from the Jungle Book, emotional ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles, to the challenging ‘Who is Sylvia’. It was also a wonderful opportunity for Canons Choir to perform their favourites songs to Mr Allwood, who worked his magic conducting ‘The Seal Lullaby’, with Canons Choir instantly producing the most beautiful, blended tone and clear diction. It was a privilege and honour to welcome and work with Mr Allwood at NLCS.  


Ralph Allwood is a British choral conductor, composer, and teacher. He was Director of Music at Eton College for 26 years and is currently Director of the Rodolfus (ex-Eton) Choral Courses and Foundation. Since its founding in 1980, over ten thousand 8 to 20 year-olds have participated in courses. In addition, in 2015 Allwood co-founded the Pimlico Musical Foundation to enable children from Pimlico Primary Schools to sing in choirs, particularly at St Gabriel’s Church. Mr Allwood has conducted choirs for over 40 broadcasts for BBC Radio 3. He has composed a vast collection of music heard worldwide on radio, films and television.  


Chao Cox, Junior School Director of Music