Team Blitz into F1 in Schools National Finals

17 March 2023

Team Blitz, a team made up of students from NLCS, has made it to the F1 in Schools National Finals after finishing in second place in the UK Regional Finals. The team have been working tirelessly for months on their design and engineering skills in order to compete in the prestigious competition.

Team manager, Aiyana tells us more about the team and their experience so far.

Hi, we’re Team Blitz, an all-girls team who have just competed in the UK Regional F1 in Schools Competition, where we were delighted to have placed 2nd in our Development Class level and achieve the award for the Best Verbal Presentations across all levels. We have been working as a team for over a year and are thrilled to be advancing to the National Finals. Our members are Aiyana, Ella, Anika and Ahana.

Aiyana is the Team Manager, and her job is to make sure that the team meets deadlines, that we work successfully as a team and oversees the team as a whole. She also reaches out to external sponsors and runs the team’s social media page.

Ella is the Finance and Marketing Manager. She is in charge of budgeting costs to ensure that we do not go into debt, organising fundraisers and works closely alongside Aiyana in brand outreach ideas to increase knowledge of our team.

Anika and Ahana are our Design and Manufacturing Engineers. They have worked diligently to ensure that our car is as fast as it can be, to give us the best possible chance of winning, and will continue to adjust the car to attempt to make it even faster for the National Competition.


Before the competition, one of the key aspects is Sponsorship and we were delighted to be able to obtain extremely reputable sponsors such as McLaren Applied and McEntee Racing.

Going into the competition, we were not sure what to expect, however, once we arrived, we were immersed right into the competition. We had an extremely fun time not only completing the race for our car, and our presentation, but we were able to look around and see all the hard work that other teams had put into their cars and presentations. As a team we could not be more excited with how we came away from the competition and are aiming to do as well as we can in Nationals. We are going to work hard as a team to try and be the best that we can be. 

The F1 in Schools competition is one of the most highly-regarded competitions for young engineering enthusiasts, and making it to the national finals is a significant achievement for any team. We can’t wait to see Team Blitz in the National Finals!