Young Shakespeare Company Enthralls Year 5 and 6 Students

12 October 2023


On Monday the Young Shakespeare Company delivered a wonderful workshop to Year 5 and 6 students, taking them deep into the world of Macbeth.

This wasn’t just a play; it was an interactive journey that allowed the students to immerse themselves in the motives, thoughts, and feelings of the characters.

The day began with anticipation as the students watched Macbeth unfold. However, this wasn’t a passive viewing; they became active participants in key scenes, boldly speaking Shakespeare’s words.

This immersive approach, coupled with the Company’s knack for making Shakespeare accessible, demystified the Bard’s language and revealed the timeless themes within. The students left with a newfound appreciation for Shakespeare and a deeper understanding of human nature.

Following the workshop, we hope all our students felt inspired and enriched, knowing they’d experienced the magic of Shakespearean storytelling. This fusion of education and entertainment promises to be a cherished memory, showcasing the transformative power of the theatrical arts in education.