Y7 Eco Partnership Day

24 January 2024


Year 7 students enthusiastically participated in an enriching partnership day, joining forces with their peers from Queen Elizabeth’s school to delve into the urgent theme of climate change. This event provided a platform for students to embrace environmental stewardship and advocate for meaningful climate action.

The day kicked off with students immersing themselves in a series of engaging small group activities thoughtfully crafted to stimulate critical thinking and spark passionate discussions about pressing climate issues. These interactive sessions not only expanded their knowledge but also fostered confidence in articulating their viewpoints on complex environmental challenges. Students had the opportunity to draft and refine their own speeches, drawing inspiration from Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and exploring the persuasive power of effective communication.

The pinnacle of the day’s events arrived with the crafting of a charter. Guided by their shared aspirations and a profound sense of responsibility towards the planet, students collaboratively devised key principles and actionable steps to propel their journey towards environmental sustainability. This charter stands as a testament to their dedication and serves as a beacon of hope for future generations, symbolising their unwavering resolve to championing environmental causes.


The charter created by students.