Work Experience Event

1 February 2024

wex event

Old North Londoners (ONLs) and Parents from both Junior and Senior Schools, recently volunteered their time to assist with Year 11 Work Experience activities.

The event aimed to help students understand the importance of work experience, identify their employability skills, and learn how to create effective CVs and cover letters.

Our volunteers sat with groups of eight students each, engaging them in discussions about the significance of work experience and offering practical advice on building their employability skills. Through these sessions, students gained valuable insights into the professional world and received guidance on how to effectively present themselves to potential employers.

This event is just one of the many initiatives aimed at supporting our students in making informed career choices. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming Careers Convention taking place on 28 February, where students will have the opportunity to explore various career pathways and gain valuable insights into different industries as well as hear from a keynote speaker.

As we prepare for this exciting event, we are actively seeking volunteers who are willing to share their expertise and experiences with our students. If you are passionate about inspiring the next generation and would like to contribute to the success of our Careers Convention, please fill in this form. Thank you for your support!

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