VEX World Championships 2024!

23 May 2024

VEX World news

Our competitive robotics season came to an end at the very peak of global STEM education!

Team NLCS_Probots, as UK National Champions, were invited to take part in the Vex Robotics World Championships in Dallas, Texas at the end of April. They were joined by the brightest and best teams from around the world and competed as part of the Design division with 84 teams, and with over 500 teams taking part in total. They faced the challenge of working with other students to collaborate, develop gameplay strategy and negotiate difficult matches to battle through three tough, intense but enjoyable days of competition. One of the best parts bits of taking part in the World Championships is the opportunity to work with other like-minded people who have the same ultimate goal, even language isn’t a barrier to success with one of the first matches being with a teamwork partner from China…Google translate came into it’s own here! Throughout the tournament, our team made up of Chloe, Millie, Kaavya, Anaya and Ankita showed true spirit, resilience and champion spirit throughout and we’re really proud of their achievements.

The event was absolutely huge, with over 10,000 spectators in the arena for the finals…….A wonderful experience for all involved…..and of course the new games for the 24/25 season were released, so now we start again…..roboteers, assemble!!!

Andrew Duffey, Head of Art, Engineering, Design & Technology


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