Senior Societies – Autumn Term

19 October 2023


One of the highlights of every term at NLCS is our Senior Societies, giving students the opportunity to hear from a wide range of external speakers as well as student led talks.

The first half of the Autumn Term has certainly not disappointed with pupils being spoilt for choice with the diverse range of talks on offer.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s Senior Societies commenced with a captivating keynote lecture by Katie Perrior, a trailblazer who made history in 2016 as the first female Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street. In her inspiring presentation titled, ‘Courage, Confidence, and Resilience: Confronting Fear,’ Katie emphasised the importance of fearlessness, self-assuredness, and resilience, while encouraging the audience not to shy away from embracing their mistakes. Following her lecture, students had the opportunity to engage with Katie through a Q&A session, during which she shared anecdotes from her experiences working alongside political figures such as Theresa May and Boris Johnson and provided her insights on the current political landscape.

A highlight among highlights was the visit of Jo Finkel, an accomplished Art Director whose portfolio boasts involvement in blockbuster films like Casino Royale, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, and the Marvel series. Most recently, Jo worked on the successful film Barbie and the cinematic adaptation of the musical Wicked. In her talk, Jo delivered tales from her illustrious career, her journey into the world of film, and her intricate role in bringing stories to life through captivating set design. Following this she invited students to ask her questions, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of cinema.

We have also welcomed distinguished speakers including Dr. Manhua Li, a Marie Curie Research Fellow in Philosophy, who delved into the topic of ‘Care of the Self: From Ancient Greece to Warring States China.’ Manoj Kerai, author of The Burning Bride, shed light on the pressing issue of violence against women in India and injustices related to the dowry system. We were also privileged to host Toryo Ito, the Deputy Head Monk of Ryosoku-in temple in Kyoto, Japan, for an engaging session on creative ideas and the principles of Zen Buddhism.

It is not only external speakers that have delivered fantastic sessions but also members of the many societies here at Canons, some of these have included, LGBTQIA+ Society leading a discussion on Trans Rights in the UK. The Engineering Society, delved into the significance of the applied sciences, exploring the various branches of engineering and their importance. In another thought-provoking event, the Debating Society orchestrated a British Parliamentary style debate, pitting teacher against teacher, with the compelling motion, ‘This House regrets the rise of Girl Boss feminism.’


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