Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

3 December 2021

In Mental Health and Well Being Week, there has been a huge range of different activities aimed at promoting good mental health. Several societies in the school got involved.

Science Society led a discussion on the evidence behind the beneficial effects of relaxation. Classics Society discussed wellbeing quotations from ancient authors and Polyglot explored how different cultures maintain wellbeing. In addition, the songwriting club produced feel-good music and film and media society discussed the portrayal of mental health in movies and TV.​ The mental health of refugees was discussed in the medical ethics society and Lit and Drama explored mental Health in literature.

One of the five steps to mental health involves learning a new skill and Year 7 & 8 took part in a Ready Steady Cook Event organised by Chartwells. The library staff also promoted learning a new skill as one of the steps to mental health and wellbeing by organising a crafting activity for years 7 & 8 involving creating objects such as Christmas trees and hedgehogs from the pages of discarded books. Engaging with your surroundings is another recommendation for good mental health and a mindfulness session using computer games was open to all year groups.

The library staff put on a fantastic display of books aimed at helping young people enjoy good mental health.

The highlight of the week was the Mental Health and Wellbeing conference. Five external speakers shared their experiences and tips on steps that can be taken to promote good mental health on an individual and community level. Andrea Corbett shared her personal journey with a mental illness and how she was able to use this to create positive things in her life, such as becoming the founder and director of a community interest company, that supports, educates, and empowers young people about the benefits and importance of physical and mental health. As well as how she used physical health to manage her mental health and then became the British Champion bodybuilder.

Molly Lee from the Charity Mind shared a personal story about depression and anxiety  and provided Tips to manage well being  with a  Focus on stress, anxiety, and sleep. Dr Nihara Krause From Stem4  gave an overview of Mental health in young people and shared tips on how to get back on track following the impacts of the pandemic  . A medical perspective on mental health and wellbeing was given by consultant Psychiatrists Dr Laurine Hana and Kalpana Mehta from the Samaritans talked about how the Samaritans can help to support emotional health and wellbeing in children and young people.

The week will end today with an event organised by the Big Six: Teacher lip sync battle – which involves teachers mining the words to their favourite songs. The winner will be chosen by the Big Six and All proceeds go to Mind.