Coronation Celebrations

5 May 2023


As the Coronation of King Charles III draws near, members of the NLCS community gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Dr Bagworth-Mann, alongside members of the Big Six, planted a tree in the school grounds to commemorate this momentous event. This tradition of planting a tree to mark a royal coronation goes back to 1953, when the Headmistress at the time, Dame Kitty Anderson, planted a tree with the help of some students to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Today, that very tree still stands tall in the school grounds, serving as a lasting tribute to that historic moment.

We hope that the tree planted this morning will stand the test of time as a symbol of this significant moment in history.

Despite the threat of rain, the weather held out just long enough for the students and staff to enjoy a Coronation afternoon tea in the school grounds. The event was made even more special by the wonderful musical performances from the school’s orchestra, featuring both staff and students.

It was wonderful to see the school community come together to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III in such a meaningful and lasting way.