Should we be adopting renewable energy at a faster pace to create energy independence?

5 January 2023

Should we be adopting renewable energy at a faster pace to create energy independence?


Many countries rely predominantly on fossil fuels (including coal, oil and natural gas) to generate energy, with currently over 80% of the world’s energy coming from these sources. Fossil fuels can be found underground in some places- Russia happens to be on top of a ‘hot spot’ for natural gas. Many countries are built for using fossil fuels, meaning that countries such as the UK, that cannot produce fossil fuels, must buy their fuels from other countries, such as Russia.

On the 24th of February 2022, Putin, in one of his most infamous speeches, announced the invasion of Ukraine, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict being formally declared as a War within the same week. Wars require a lot of money and Russia is using its natural resources, which include fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil, as a source of funds for its war. Natural gas is used for heating and cooking, and as the temperature starts to get colder into winter, we, in the Northern Hemisphere, rely on fossil-fuel derived heating. Russia has increased the prices it charges Europe for its gas, and has even restricted its supply of gas to Europe, to help fund its war campaign.

Since most countries rely on Russia’s gas they have no choice but to pay the extra money otherwise Russia could and can cut off our gas supply completely. So ultimately we are helping fund the war. Rising prices are not only hard on the government but the public as well, many prices are rising in local shops to help their owners pay for gas –this has a knock-on effect, where prices for everything start to increase, this is called inflation.

This war has caused many troubles for people who live in Ukraine and our energy dependence on Russia continues to be a source of much controversy. As a country there is a way we can start to address this dilemma – We should try and accelerate our transition to renewable energy sources.

Transitioning to renewable, or “green” energy could also help save our planet. When fossil fuels are burned, they release greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat which causes global warming, and already our average temperature has increased by 1 degree (Celsius).

It is pivotal that the government should spend more time and more money to transition to green energy as it would be beneficial for all of us.
We to can do simple things to help the rise in the cost of living, such as:

• Have a plan on what you want to spend your money on
• Keep track of what you have spent
• Think of what you actually need

This article is taken from student publication ‘The Politician’ you can read the complete magazine here.

— MAYA, Student


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