Diversity is not just a statistic

28 April 2023

Diya Film Header


During the Autumn Term, students were asked to create a film about NLCS for the first ever Cannes(ons) Film Festival, below you can see Diya’s fantastic film and the process behind creating it.

The inspiration behind the movie is wanting to show off how my friends all came from different cultural backgrounds, and yet we see no difference in each other. In essence in the video, we’re all just being ourselves and having fun.

In terms of creation process, it all started from a video I saw online and from that I drew inspiration from the many film directors I’ve followed over the years such as Wes Anderson who is best known for his symmetric shots and Stanley Kubrick for his tracking shots that are so short but show so much.

The music for me was essential and, in fact, the song was decided before I even filmed the first shot. In some ways, having the song and giving my friends little direction on what to do, made the shooting experience easier and made the overall film look more natural allowing the personalities of my friends to shine through. However, it did also meant that I had to put a lot more effort into the editing process as it was critical for me to have each shot aligned and timed with every beat of the song.

by Diya


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