Year 9 Drama Trip – Hex at the National Theatre

14 January 2022

Hex Drama _Trip

This week Year 9 enjoyed a trip to the National Theatre to see ‘Hex’ a new musical adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.

Written by Tanya Ronder, with music by Jim Fortune, the show gives a modern twist to the fairy-tale, featuring ogres, a forthright teenage princess and her boyfriend, Prince Bert. The tour de force vocal performances and witty contemporary references delighted the students almost as much as the spectacular sets and costumes which provided a visual feast.

After the show, the students had the privilege of meeting the Artistic Director of the National Theatre, Rufus Norris who directed ‘Hex’. Students were fascinated to learn more about the production from Mr Norris, who invited the students to share their views on the musical, which is still in development. Year 9 eagerly took on the role of theatre critics and enjoyed a spirited debate about the moral of the story. Warm thanks to Mr Norris for this wonderful opportunity for the students to gain a glimpse behind the scenes of this exciting new production.

Miss Heather May – Director of Drama