Year 8 Trip to Bath & Bristol

11 February 2022

Bristol and Bath

On Sunday 6 February, Year 8 left for their residential trip to Bath and Bristol. On the first day, we were given a tour inside the one-million-year-old famous caves of Wookey Hole, such as the Witch’s Kitchen and the Witch’s Parlour, where we were able to take photos of the breathtaking sights, learn about the legend of the jealous, unloved Wookey Witch, and play games in the Old Penny arcade.

In the evening, we took part in a round of Ten Pin Bowling in teams of six, where we cheered one another on and embraced the competitive spirit and shortly after, we were treated to a delicious dinner at Pizza Express. The next day, we visited Bristol Zoo, which was very enjoyable, as we had the chance to see many of our favourite animals, such as the adorable Red Panda, fierce lion, and mischievous meerkats, along with an astounding variety of different amphibians ranging from the Egyptian tortoises to the poison arrow frogs, which many in my group were keen to see. We were sad to leave after all of the fun activities we enjoyed together as a year group and we loved our excursion to Bath and Bristol as it was a truly unique experience with unforgettable memories made; we definitely hope to be back in future! Thank you so much to everyone that helped organise the trip!

by Amber