Translation Bee

4 July 2024

Translation Bee Header

On Friday 28 June, Year 9 students Harpriya, Nessie, and Emily travelled to Cambridge to participate in the national Translation Bee competition, organised by the Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages and Linguistics.

Before the event, they enjoyed a wonderful tour of Cambridge, visiting Pembroke College and King’s College. These visits offered a glimpse into the rich history and vibrant academic life of the university, providing an inspiring start to their day.

Out of 57 national finalists, selected from over 14,000 participants who began the competition last September, Harpriya and Emily achieved remarkable success, earning second place in Spanish and German, respectively. This was a significant accomplishment, showcasing their linguistic talents and dedication.

The experience underscored the vital importance of studying modern languages and highlighted the exceptional abilities of our students. It was a fantastic event, underscoring the vital importance of studying modern languages and shining a spotlight on the exceptional talent of our students.