Team Bitm4p compete in Cyber Centurion finals

27 April 2022

Cyber Centurian1

Congratulations to Team Bitm4p who took part in the Cyber Centurion Competition final over the Easter break and were the top all-female team.

Cyber Centurion is an international Cyber Security competition for secondary school students, run by STEM Learning and Northrop Grumman. There are three rounds, each lasting 6 hours, and doing well enough in these rounds can earn your team a place in the national finals. The objective of each round is to successfully find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities on computer networks, to defend it against attack (think of it as reverse-hacking!). For each round, there were three systems to defend. We’d work on securing these, anticipating what potential hackers might exploit, and stopping them from doing so. Reaching the finals was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, which took place at the RAF Hendon museum this year. We all learned a lot and enjoyed the fierce competition by all other finalist teams, as well as hearing from two inspirational speakers that work at Northrop Grumman. We feel really proud to have finished as the leading all-female teams in the finals and are already thinking about next year’s competition!

Reva, Sarina and Kaitlyn, Team Bitm4p