Summer Festival: Innovation

5 July 2024


Innovation was the theme of this year’s Summer Festival, which featured a jam-packed week of events celebrating creativity and forward-thinking ideas.

The week saw a plethora of engaging talks during breaks and lunchtimes, including insightful presentations from EDT students. Dr Van Reyk delivered a lecture entitled “Is AI a Threat to Democracy?”, while Year 12 student Bella enthralled listeners with her presentation on “Progressions of the Mind Throughout Time in Poetry”.

Students also had the unique opportunity to collaborate with architects and postgraduate students from UCL Bartlett, working on the next phase of design for our new innovation centre. This hands-on experience allowed students to contribute to the future of our school site while learning from leading professionals in the field.

UCL Bartlett

Students working hard on the next phase of the innovation centre.

A true highlight of the Summer Festival was the societies afternoon, where various student societies each hosted sessions on the theme of innovation. This year’s offerings were diverse and plentiful, ensuring there was something for everyone. Highlights included:

  • Innovating Fundraising Ideas with Canonaid
  • Making Enigma Machines out of Empty Drink Cans led by the Computing Society
  • Debating Methods: Are There More Innovative Ways to Win an Argument? led by the Debating Society
  • A Life-Sized Monopoly Game led by the Economics, Finance, and Law Society
  • Making Plastic Water Bottle Rockets with the Engineering Society
  • Creating an AI Buddy with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Society
  • Innovation in 20th Century Music with the Music Society

The Summer Festival truly showcased the creativity and ingenuity of our students and staff. There was something for everyone, making it a memorable and enjoyable event for all who attended.


Creating an AI buddy as part of the Summer Festival.