Success at Spanish Debating Competition!

10 March 2022

Spanish Debating Competition

Elisa R and Karel O are the first students from NLCS to ever win the National Spanish Debating Competition, which took place on Tuesday night in King’s College Wimbledon.

The first round of debates proved engaging and exciting as students debated a range of motions, which they spent a long time preparing for. From “Bullfighting: tradition or animal cruelty”, “Should abortion be legal in all Latin-American countries” and “Social networks have been more beneficial than harmful”.

In these debates, the adjudicators were hugely impressed with Elisa and Karel’s use of sophisticated language, the insightful arguments developed and backed up with solid evidence. So much so, they were awarded full marks in one of their debates. The Spanish department is incredibly proud of their performance and achievements on the evening as they were true ambassadors of the school. In the Final, they debated the motion “Young people should boycott fast fashion” and although their opposition was fierce, they were an indomitable pair, beating them convincingly and with elegance. Well done!