SIX: Teen Edition

1 July 2022


This week saw a momentous occasion for NLCS as we became the first school in the world to premiere SIX: TEEN EDITION, a new version of the hit musical ‘SIX’ about the six wives of Henry VIII, which earlier this month took home several Tony Awards for the Broadway production, including Best original score.

On opening night, we had the immense privilege of welcoming the writers of the musical Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss to mark the special performance. Six talented Year 10 students took to the stage and gave stunning performances as the Tudor Queens. After the show, the writers celebrated with the cast and gave the production rave reviews.

“This was truly, truly a sensational production. Every cast member was so talented and charismatic and had such ownership over the material. They made me laugh in ways I hadn’t before over the songs. Such congratulations to everyone!! 5 stars!”– Toby Marlow

Honestly, I had the best time ever…It was amazing they should all be very proud. If I was free again tomorrow I would come back! – Lucy Moss

The Year 10 students gave delightfully entertaining performances as the six Queens who have gathered together to compete over who had the hardest lot in life. Imani, Hannah, Tiana, Ilora, Karina and Camilla brought their characters vibrantly to life, capturing the wit and wickedly tongue-in-cheek spirit of the show, as the Queens vie to win the audience’s applause.

The cast held the audience in rapt attention with an assurance well beyond their years. The students impressed from start to finish, moving seamlessly from upbeat dance numbers to powerful solo ballads, mastering beautifully complex harmonies and intricate dance routines which called for immense discipline and stamina as all six remained on stage for over 70 minutes.

The cast clearly relished every moment on stage, before finally turning to the audience with a mischievous twinkle and announcing that the ‘competition’ between them is a ruse. Their true goal is to highlight the patriarchal ways we construct history, and for each Queen to defiantly claim ‘herstory’ for herself.

The production was directed and choreographed by Mr Munday-Webb and featured exquisite costume design by professional theatre designer Paul Shriek. Original lighting design featured over 300 cues and was created by Mr Boase. The punk-rock inspired set was a collaborative design by Miss May, Mr Munday-Webb and Mr Boase.

We are so thrilled to have been the first school to perform SIX: TEEN Edition by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. As one of the first girls’ schools in the country, the show’s timely and uplifting message about women reclaiming their story from the history books was an immediate draw for us at North London Collegiate. From start to finish our students loved every minute of creating the show. It was a wonderful vehicle for our students to develop their confidence and they rose so impressively to meet the challenge. We are immensely proud of their achievements.

– Miss May, Director of Drama

The sense of camaraderie among the cast was incredible to see and the vitality and sheer joy of the show will live long in the memory. We are immensely proud of the students’ achievements. The Drama department would like to thank the creative team of SIX, Concord Theatricals, Dr Bagworth Mann and everyone involved in this extraordinary production.

We feel immensely privileged to be the first school to stage SIX: TEEN EDITION. Schools are places where so many special memories are made, and this production is something which the cast, crew and audience will cherish forever.

SIX: Teen Edition by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss