Going for Gold

24 January 2023


We are delighted to have been awarded Silver in the Transport for London STARS programme.

STARS is a TfL accreditation scheme for London schools. STARS stands for: Sustainable travel, active, responsible, and safe. STARS aims to inspire young Londoners to travel to school sustainably, actively and responsibly by championing a variety of sustainable forms of travel.

It supports pupils’ wellbeing and helps to reduce congestion at the school gates, make the roads safer and improve air quality. By swapping car journeys for active travel or by using public transport effectively, we can make a real difference to our city and support the Mayor of London’s visions for healthy streets. The STARS program involves completing a range of activities and tasks led by a dedicated team of pupils who act as our Travel Ambassadors. The Ambassadors have led assemblies and activities related to road safety and air quality. As a school, we have also undertaken many other activities and initiatives that together have ensured that we not only met the Bronze award but have also been awarded Silver within the space of one year. This was achieved in part because we were able to show a 3% shift away from car use.


We are now going for Gold but must demonstrate a further 3% shift away from car use to more sustainable modes of travel. This will be no easy task and will require the support and commitment of the whole school community to make changes to the way they travel to school. With air quality in London being a significant risk to health we aim to measurably improve the air quality around our school this year so watch out for our clean air initiatives and let’s go for gold!


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