Senior Societies – 3rd March

4 March 2022

Dr Rima Makarem

Computer Science Society, Feminist Society and Medical Sciences Society led this Thursday’s Senior Societies with webinars and talks on a variety of fascinating topics.

Medical Sciences Society welcomed Dr Rima Makarem to Canons for a talk about her career. Dr Makarem initially trained as a scientist before going on to hold senior roles within the global pharmaceutical sector. She has built up a broad non-executive track record over recent years, including significant work locally, regionally and nationally in the health and care sector. She currently chairs the Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care System as well as the national charity, Sue Ryder. Dr Makarem was also Senior Independent Director & Audit Chair of NICE and the Audit Chair and an External Commissioner at the House of Commons Commission, working closely with the Speaker and the Leader of the House.

Feminist Society enjoyed a talk from Kathy Davis entitled, ‘Who owns intersectionality?’ Kimberlé Crenshaw, who coined the term “intersectionality,” said that the theory has been transformed into something “quite foreign to my sensibilities about intersectionality.” The talk discussed the depoliticisation of intersectionality following its travels from US Black feminist theory to White European feminism. Kathy Davis asks the question ”Who owns a theory?” and how race plays a role in these discussions.

Finally, Computer Science Society watched a webinar on the Russian cyber attack escalation in Ukraine. Russian cyber operations have targeted Ukraine with destabilisation efforts for years, the webinar gave an overview of current Russian Threat Actor capabilities, discussed critical infrastructure attacks on Ukraine and the possible escalation spill over into other parts of the world.