PSHE Workshop – The RAP Project

4 February 2022

Deana Puccio SQ

As part of their PSHE programme, Year 11 welcomed Deana Puccio from The RAP Project (Raising Awareness and Protection)

Deana is a former Assistant District Attorney from New York and a criminal lawyer. She founded the organisation following her work as a sex crimes prosecutor, as she worried that young people were not being educated on the laws defining sexual offences or consent. She began delivering workshops along with Allison Havey, a journalist, who both believed in the importance of sharing their knowledge in an educational setting.

Deana spoke about personal safety, sexual assault and consent, as well as examining how information online and social media are influencing attitudes, behaviours and expectations. The talk was brilliantly received by the students, and Deana’s frankness about these difficult subjects and engaging presentation style was much appreciated.

The RAP Project provides a variety of presentations to pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, teachers & parents to raise awareness about personal safety issues on & offline. Their core belief is that young people should be taught the legal definitions of sexual offences; be able to identify peer on peer sexual harassment and peer on peer sexual assault; consent; and exercise an understanding of how online porn & social media are influencing attitudes, expectations, behaviours & body image.

For further information, please visit The Rap Project website.