Philosophy Conference

11 February 2022

Philosophy Conference Sq

This week, NLCS hosted its 9th annual philosophy conference. NLCS Sixth Form philosophers, as well as those from the London Academy of Excellence, Bentley Wood and QE Boys, enjoyed a day of fascinating talks led by esteemed academics.

Professor Robert Simpson (UCL) began the conference by debating the value of individualism and experimentality in society, exploring how best to reconcile a robust commitment to free speech whilst regulating forms of communication that harm individuals.

We were excited to welcome back Old North Londoner Sailee Khurjekar, whose talk was entitled ‘The Aesthetic conundrum of the perfect forgery.’ Sailee analysed the relationship between audience and artist, explaining when and why art forgery is morally wrong.

Former NLCS teacher Dr Naomi Richman, who now lectures at Trinity College Cambridge, taught us about the significance of demons in Christianity throughout the ages. It was fascinating to hear about theology from an anthropological perspective, as well as the importance of theology in aiding the Metropolitan Police, for example, in understanding crimes linked to religious practices.

Professor Bill Brewer (KCL) explored the ‘Problems of Perception,’ ending the conference with a captivating talk about idealism, indirect realism, and direct realism, provoking an engaging conversation about whether we can distinguish between hallucinations and reality.

We were lucky enough to experience the conference in person, enabling philosophical discussions both with the speakers and across schools. Thank you so much to Mr Holt and the RSP department for organising such a brilliant event!

Abigail Kramer, Sixth Form


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