More than Skin Deep – Stories from the Dermatology Clinic

28 January 2022


At this week’s Science Café we enjoyed a fantastic talk from Consultant Dermatologist and ONL Dr Thivi Maruthappu.

Dr Maruthappu is an expert in acne, eczema and psoriasis as well as a spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation. During her talk entitled ‘More than Skin Deep’ – Stories from the Dermatology Clinic, Dr Maruthappu spoke on a variety of different topics, including a typical day in her working life which includes working directly with patients, research and her work with skincare brands including L’Oréal.

It was captivating to hear about the abundance of research Dr Maruthappu has worked on including the link between skin and heart conditions and how our skin can tell more than you might first think.

Dr Maruthappu ended her talk with some great tips on how best to care for and look after your skin before answering questions from all those attending.

Many thanks to Dr Maruthappu for coming in and delivering such an informative talk to our students on such an intriguing subject matter.