28 November 2022


On Wednesday 16th November, the whole of Year 6 attended with excitement and enthusiasm the second internal Mini Model United Nations conference at NLCS. Emma in Year 12 writes about the event below.

The event was run by Year 12 students who are experienced in attending MUN conferences, most of them having received accolades in prestigious conferences such as RRSMUN and HabsMUN. There were four committees (Human Rights, SPECPOL, Health and Environment) and, although the questions were challenging, they certainly engaged our Year 6 delegates who came up with insightful ideas and solutions for problems of the world.

Human Rights:

The delegates had an energetic discussion regarding education for girls. The countries lobbied for their individual clauses to be incorporated into the final resolution, with lots of POIs resulting in a heated debate! China’s stance in particular allowed for lots of bargaining and argument with the USA.


The delegates were keen to come up with an aim for the UN with regards to repatriation of artefacts. Initially, some of the delegates struggled to formulate concrete solutions, but as they grew in confidence, there was a lot of focus on the wording of the preamble of the resolution, showing their brilliant attentiveness. Specifically, the Nigerian and British delegates had a prolific debate surrounding the returning of artefacts that were initially given as gifts.


The delegates thoughtfully discussed their operative clauses about vaccinations, and, despite being slightly pushed for time, were able to have some effective negotiations. One specific point of discussion was Norway’s stance around the recommendation of vaccines, rather than them being mandatory.


The delegates had an impassioned discussion surrounding deforestation, and the countries lobbied fiercely for their various solutions. The USA were adamant on the use of a task force to track companies contributing to illegal logging, and China was particularly critical of the production of eco-friendly paper, and whether that should strip it of its eco-friendly status.


In general assembly, there was a lot of fruitful debate, with lots of Points of Information from the floor, showing the delegates’ focused and engaged mindsets. Education surrounding vaccinations was a certain area of interest, with particular promotion from the health delegate of the UK. All points made were intelligent and perceptive, showcasing the delegates’ eagerness to participate, and resulted in a wonderful termination to the afternoon!