Inspiring teachers of the future

10 June 2022

ECT Twitter

This week, NLCS hosted a group of 25 Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and their mentors from a number of local schools for a series of seminars related to the ‘professional standards’ for teachers.

Colleagues started the session by discussing their pre-reading (a chapter taken from Kat Howard’s “Stop talking about wellbeing”) and then reflecting on the importance of taking proactive steps to find a good work-life balance as a new teacher. Next, our own Mr Tosh led a session on ‘effective form tutoring’, and the ECTs considered how best to act as a champion for their tutees; Mr Tosh used a number of scenarios to illustrate the impact that positive tutoring can have on students. The third session focused on ‘communication’ with a focus on report writing and parents’ evenings. Colleagues discussed the purpose of different types of communication and the importance of honesty in this process. Finally, Mr Waddington led a session on ‘professional development’, which explored the variety of opportunities that teachers can access to continue their personal professional development and enjoy their teaching careers to the fullest.


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