First Prize in Oxford Creative Writing Competition

5 July 2022


Congratulations to Eden, who has won the Oxford University Creative Writing Competition 2022, organised by the Faculty of Classics.

Awarded 1st Prize in the Year 10/11 category, Eden’s poem is inspired by an image from the Manar-al-Athar photo archive.

Read Eden’s poem, which has been published on the University’s website.

More about the competition:

The competition aimed to inspire a creative response to images from the Manar al-Athar Photo Archive and to encourage curiosity in and reflection on the ancient world.

This unique photograph collection contains around 80,000 images of archaeological sites, buildings and artwork from areas of the former Roman Empire and neighbouring regions, with a chronological range from Alexander the Great (c.300 BCE) through to the Islamic period.

These images are ideal creative stimuli giving glimpses of an incredibly rich and diverse cultural heritage.

They capture many evocative locations, beautiful artefacts, complex architectural styles, places of historical importance, and a huge range of religious iconography (from paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

The panel of judges took great pleasure in reading over 150 pieces, and considerably less pleasure in whittling down the entries to a shortlist and then 3 winners in each category.

The competition was supported by:

  • The Faculty of Classics at the University of Oxford
  • Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research
  • Manar al-Athar Photo Archive
  • Bloomsbury Publishing


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