Eco Partnership Day with Queen Elizabeth’s School

15 March 2022

Year 7 Eco Partnership Day with Queen Elizabeth’s School

Twenty four NLCS Year 7s joined with 24 students from Queen Elizabeth’s School (Boys) for a partnership day focused on the broad topic of Ecology and the causes and effects of Climate Change.

In the first part of the day – held in our Indoor Teaching Space – the students studied some of the science involved, acquiring new specialist vocabulary, and considering how it is used by the media in communicating these pressing issues. They also learned how to interpret data, and they examined examples of where statistics are misinterpreted. In the second half of the event, the focus shifted to persuasive materials through the analysis of various articles and poems. Having learned to employ emotive language, first each individual student produced a poem in support of the planet’s natural resources and animal kingdom. The day then cumulated in the preparation, and giving, of presentations prompted by the question, ‘What is the climate crisis and why should you care?’. Each group was assigned a different audience, ranging from politicians to primary schools, and the results were uniformly excellent with each one delivering its hard-hitting messages with expertise and conviction. Many congratulations to all those who took part. It is clear that in our midst, we have many committed and passionate guardians of our world.

Dr McLoughlin, Partnership Co-ordinator