Gold DofE Expedition 2017

Trips Extra-curricular

On the first day girls set out from Edale train station and went straight onto their planned route which was extremely long and they started to realise just how different walking in the wild country was from walking in non-access land areas, like they had done on their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.

At the end of the first day the route took the girls down Grinsbrook Clough which was incredibly steep and overall took almost 1.5 hours to get down, meaning the groups arrived at the campsite very tired and depleted. The second day was a lot better, groups left the campsite and had a much easier route therefore, they could really appreciate the beauty of the landscape. The girls all arrived at the second campsite to find a shop where most girls bought ice creams and snacks which definitely boosted morale! The girls had the time to play some cards and games with the other groups which was definitely the highlight of the four days. The third day wasn’t quite as good because the weather wasn’t nearly as glorious as it had been the other days, though the tan lines gathered were quite the feat! Overall, the route was average but the morale was definitely lowered when they came into the third campsite which was far less exciting than the second night. They slept among the sheep who (kindly) woke everyone up in the early hours of the morning. On the final day all the groups were very excited to get home, the weather had gone back to sunshine. Overall the girls had lots of fun although at times it was a challenge navigating when everything around them looked the same. As a whole, the girls had a lot of fun!

​By Franceska Barnard, Year 12 and Natasha Blackburn-Friesinger, Year 12

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