Fees, Bursaries & Scholarships

For the academic year 2017/18, the fees for studying at North London Collegiate School are:

  • Junior School - £5,530 per term
  • Senior School - £6,545 per term

Individual music lessons are charged at £245 per term.

Lunches are charged at £846 per year for the Senior School, £846 per year for the Lower School and £718 per year for the First School. Alternatively girls in the Senior School can bring a packed lunch. 

Direct debit schemes operate for those parents who wish to pay by this method. No additional charge is made for text books, stationery or examination fees.


A deposit of half of one term's fees is required when a place is accepted. This is returned at the end of a pupil's school career. A pro-rata deposit is required from holders of Governors' Bursaries.

Bursaries, scholarships and music scholarships

Since its foundation in 1850, North London Collegiate School has been committed to providing an accessible, affordable education for girls of ability. To attract able girls and to help those who might otherwise be unable to attend a fee-paying school, we offer bursaries, scholarships and music scholarships. However, these are only available in the Senior School.

The difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are based solely on the entrance examination results at 11+ and 16+, with awards made on academic merit irrespective of financial means. There are no special scholarship examinations nor do parents apply for a scholarship. The value of scholarships is up to 50% of fees and is valid until the end of a girl's education at North London Collegiate School. 

Enquiries about scholarships can be made to the admissions office.

Music Scholarships

A number of music scholarships are awarded at 11+ on the basis of merit. Girls must have reached grade 5 distinction standard before the auditions take place, and they must pass the entrance examination and a music audition conducted by the music department to qualify. In addition, girls on a music scholarship may be eligible for a bursary.

Find out more about the audition


Bursaries are only available to pupils from 11+ and 16+.  Bursaries are related to the income and assets of the family, and are means tested and reviewed annually. Bursaries may also take into account academic merit. It is not unusual for a girl to be a recipient of both a scholarship and a bursary. The value of bursaries ranges from 10% to 100% of school fees. Students holding bursaries may also be given help with expenses such as school field trips

For more information about the bursary application process, please contact the Finance Bursar.