Old North Londoners' Association

The ONL Community

NLCS is a community for life and the School’s relationship with its pupils extends far beyond their time at Canons. ONLs are a unique and dynamic group of women whose careers and life experiences span an incredible array of sectors, choices and countries. Young or old, there is an instant bond amongst ONLs and an amazing willingness to support each other.


Through The Old North Londoners’ Association (ONLA), we want ONLs to feel the benefit of their association with the School and to feel part of this diverse group of individuals. ONLA offers you the opportunity to keep in touch with your peers and other ONLs through meetings, events and reunions, to maintain links with the School and its developments and, via The Career Networking Service, to receive or offer career assistance.

Membership is free and is open to all past pupils of the School.

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