North London Collegiate School - School Policies

The School aims:

  • to provide an ambitious academic education and to enable each girl to make the most of her gifts;
  • to maintain a team of professional teachers to whom each pupil is important and who can introduce their subjects with enthusiasm and drive;
  • to enable all pupils to recognise academic excellence and to realise that it is attainable;
  • to make the School a place where the whole personality can grow;
  • to foster good relationships between staff and pupils and between the girls themselves;
  • to teach the girls that education is much more than passing examinations and to try themselves out in a variety of ways;
  • to maintain a community which is tolerant and teaches service to others

School policy downloads:

Child Protection Policy

Anti-Bullying Strategy 

Behaviour Policy

Code of Conduct for Staff 

Concerns and Complaints Procedure

Admissions Policy 

Recruitment, Selection and Disclosure Policy 

Terms and Conditions 

Trips and Expeditions Policy

School Development Plan 2016

School Development Plan 2016 - Presentation

Evaluation 2016

Curriculum Policy 

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy

SEN Policy


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