Outings & Residentials


Residential visits begin in Year 4 with an overnight camping trip. The girls sleep in tents, cook their meals over the fires which they learn to build and participate in team building activities.

Year 5 spend three days in Shropshire, visiting Ironbridge and Blists Hill. Towards the end of their time in the Junior School, Year 6 girls spend a week in rural France where they learn to juggle, conquer treetop walks, shop in the local market and cook regional delicacies – whilst practising and developing their confidence in the French language.


Examples of Outings in the Junior School:

Reception Classes Year 1
Term Destination Term Destination
Spring National Gallery Autumn Museum of Childhood
Summer Butterfly Farm Spring National Gallery
Year 2 Year 3
Spring Science Museum Autumn British Museum – Egyptians
Summer London Zoo Spring Verulamium, St Albans
Summer Synagogue Visit Summer Legoland, Windsor
Year 4 Year 5
Autumn Kew Gardens Autumn Houses of Parliament and National Gallery
Spring St Albans Cathedral Autumn The Guardian Newspaper
Spring Hampton Court Spring St Lawrence’s Church,
Summer Verulamium, St Albans Spring Edgware
Summer Bushcraft Residential Summer Temple and Mosque Visit
    Summer Preston Montford Residential 
Year 6  
Spring The National Theatre
Spring British Music Experience, O2
Summer Week in Boulogne, France


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